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  • National Diet Library, Japan

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    Web Archiving Project (WARP) has been archiving websites since 2002. The National Diet Library Law revised in 2009 and coming into force in April 2010, allows the NDL to archive Japanese official institutions’ websites: the government, the Diet, the courts, local governments, independent administrative organizations, and universities. Websites of cultural and international events held in Japan, and those related to electronic magazines, are also archived based on the permission of their webmasters.

    The archived websites are also available on the premises of the NDL. A part of these archived is provided also on the Internet with the permission of webmasters.

    Web Archiving Project (WARP)

    • Start date: 2002
    • Archive interface languages: Japanese
    • Access methods: Keyword search, Full-text search, Topical collections
    • Harvesting methods: Bulk, Selective