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  • Kansalliskirjasto (The National Library of Finland)

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    As a part of its legal deposit duties, The National Library of Finland collects web pages from web servers that 

    • have *.fi or *.ax domain names,
    • are located in Finland, or
    • contain subject matter that is targeted to the Finnish public.

    The policy is to create a representative sample of web contents over time and subjects. Domain crawls are supplemented by theme and event based harvesting. Newspapers' free access content is harvested on a daily basis. 

    The library may request a web publisher to deposit its web publications, when web harvesting is not possible.

    Web archive was launched in 2006. By 2015, the size of the web archive was over 80 TB (compressed).

    The contents of the web archive may be accessed only from dedicated workstations that are available in selected libraries in addition to the National Library. Everyone has access to the archive but only print-out copies of the contents are allowed. 

    Finnish Web Archive

    • Start date: 2006
    • Archive interface languages: Finnish, Swedish, English
    • Access methods: URL search, Full-text search
    • Harvesting methods: National domain, Regional domain, Event, Thematic